“Impersonators Are Giving Me Big Problem Online” – Portable Laments After Catching Fake Portable (VIDEO)


Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable, a fast-rising street performer, has tackled a man posing as him. The musician lashed out on social media, claiming that those imitating him are causing him problems.

Remember how the impostor made a ruckus at a mall after faking a phony proposal. Portable, on the other hand, cautioned the impostor not to bring him any bad publicity after meeting him.

He went on to say that his lookalike is a comic, and he encouraged people to follow him on Twitter.

In other news, Singer Portable has claimed that it’s going to be war if he doesn’t win Grammy very soon and we wonder why he’s saying that and the kind of song he’s aiming to win a Grammy with.

Portable is a fast-rising Nigerian singer who is been loved because of how funny and controversial he’s getting on the internet and a recent post supposedly from him shows that he’s aiming to win a Grammy for Nigeria very soon and it will be war if he doesn’t.

It is the aim of every artist to be recognized by the recording academy for their talents and great job as that put you on the map and it’s not a bad thing that Portable is aiming to win a Grammy just like every other artist.

But when reality sets in, you have to ask some questions like the kind of songs he’s using to win a Grammy or what extraordinary has he done that legendary artist who never won a Grammy didn’t do that will make the recording academy recognize him.

Winning a Grammy is not as easy as we see it as a lot of things go into being selected, then being voted for, before winning the award and if Portable wants to win a Grammy for Nigeria, he needs to put in more effort than he’s doing right now before he could say there will be war if he doesn’t win.

Screenshot below;

Source; NgGossips.com


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