Release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu And Call For Dialogue – Actor Yul Edochie Declares


Yul Edochie, an actor, has appealed for the release of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, who is now jailed.

Yul wrote on his Twitter account that because Nigeria is a multi-tribal country, there will always be unrest. He believes that agitations should be heard and amicably handled in order to keep the country unified.

His message is as follows:

”Release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and call for dialogue.
In a multi tribal country like Nigeria there’ll always be agitation from different quarters.
To keep the country united you should listen to your people, know why they’re agitating and resolve it peacefully.
Not by use of force”

In other news, the famous Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie blew hot on social media as he tackles those blaming Nollywood for the incessant ritual murders in the country.

Yul Edochie revealed via his Instagram page that he first heard about ritual killings in Nigeria was when he was very young in the 80s and at the time, there was nothing like Nollywood or Nollywood was non-existent.

The Nollywood star pointed out that the major cause of crime in Nigeria is poverty and hunger and not the movie industry as it being claimed and he explained that Nollywood only mirrors what happens in society.

He stated that a hungry man is an angry man therefore the country needs to be fixed and crime will certainly disappear.

In his words:

From when I was a kid in the eighties I started hearing about ritual killing in Nigeria. Then there was no Nollywood. Hunger and poverty make people to do crime. No be Nollywood cause am.

Nollywood is only showing what happens in society. Nigerians are wallowing in extreme poverty. A hungry man is an angry man, fix the country and crime will go away. Don blame Nollywood.

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