Are You Homeless? – Jemima Osunde Quizzes Why Ladies Are The Ones Who Always Visit Men


Actress Jemima Osunde has quizzed why ladies are the ones who always go and sleepover at their man’s place and not the other way around asking whether they’re homeless.

We all have been seeing or hearing stories about how some men treat their women at night or early in the morning when they go and sleep over at their place and Jemima Osunde reacting to that asked whether the women are homeless.

She tweeted asking why is it always the ladies that go and sleepover because all these ‘testimonies’ as about how the guy woke them up at 6 am telling them an aunt or someone is coming over so they should come and be going.

She then asked whether these girls are homeless or can’t the guys come over to them that they have to be going over and be embarrassed by being woken up early in the morning to send you packing as if you’re a homeless person.

Some guys visit their women and even sleepover but the issue is they usually don’t share their experience as the women do and some ven don’t encounter any of these because the ladies make sure they don’t go through such embarrassment.

screenshot below;


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