Bible Refuses To Burn And Remains Intact As Fire Destroys Car And Everything Inside It.


A miraculous and shocking incident happened at Onitsha, in Anambra State after fire broke out.

Three cars which were parked in front of a building were razed down by fire beyond repairs, and after the fire had been put off, a Bible was spotted in one of the burnt cars unscathed.

Residents were thrown into a state of shock while testifying of God’s power at work as the Bible refused to burn into ashes despite the furnace of the fire.

In the video shared on Instagram by one Amaradorisangel, a man opened the Bible to show proof that nothing or no part of the Bible got affected by the fire and onlookers clapped and cheered in excitement

Reacting to the incident, one @prettyjewelworld wrote; “For God himself is the word and the Bible contains the word of God John 1v1 so it is Indestructible! Unbreakable! Unshakable! Surely the word of God can’t be destroyed even by fire cos our God is a Consuming fire Heb 12v29. Fire cannot burn the consuming fire him self. Impossible……”


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