Real Estate Agent Dies In A Hotel In Ogun State After Sleeping With Former Wife


Diran Elijah, a 50-year-old real estate agent, died at a hotel in Agbado, Ogun State, after having sex with his former wife, simply named as Idowu.

Idowu, who has remarried and has two children with her new husband, reportedly divorced Elijah four years ago, according to Punch. The ex-couple recently restarted their romance after Elijah called her and they arranged to meet at the hotel about 10 p.m. on Sunday, January 23.

Elijah was said to be resting after a lovely time in bed with Idowu when he became unresponsive and gasped for air. The woman was alleged to have raised the alarm, but it was too late because he was said to have died at the hotel.

An eyewitness said

“The owner of the hotel initially wanted to lie that the man slumped outside and died. But the woman (Idowu) confessed that they had sex and afterwards, the man complained that he was tired and wanted to rest. After some minutes, he went unconscious. She called for help but the man couldn’t make it. I later learnt that they were once married to each other but lost contact after going their separate ways. They recently got talking again.”

According to a source close to the woman, she (Idowu) had taken out a loan from a microfinance institution and was having trouble repaying it. Elijah, she claimed, invited her to the hotel and promised to assist her in repaying a portion of the money.

“They were ex-lovers. They had two children together as a couple but the kids died. They later divorced and remarried respectively. She obtained a loan from a microfinance bank and could not repay it. The bank sealed a house where she resides with her current husband in Ifo and she was sleeping in a church.

Elijah contacted her and promised to give her money to repay part of the loan. He died after they had sex. The police arrested her but the man’s family said they were not interested in pursuing any case against her.”the source said


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