Off-duty Police Officer Punches LASTMA Official Who Nabbed Him For Driving On BRT Lane


A security guard was caught on camera punching a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority officer (LASTMA).

The LASTMA official attempted to seize the security operative’s car for driving in the BRT lane while wearing a mufti.

However, when the LASTMA officer attempted to drive his car to the LASTMA office, the security operative fought back.

The security agent, who is reported to be a police officer, is seen attacking the LASTMA official and attempting to handcuff him in a video posted online.

See how netizens reacted to the video;

joyobiesie wrote; So because he is a police officer he can get away after breaking the rules simply by showing ID card. We are still very far from development in this country

orekelewajoke wrote; Simple explanation & understanding could actually solve this,but everyone wants to be in the news for doing nonsense. Mtcheeew

rhemdats_place wrote: The point is, is he allowed to default traffice rules because he is a police officer ( police officers are suppose to lead by example but in Nigeria they are above the law), its only in Nigeria you see someone driving FRSC car that is not using seat belt!!!

derakingp90 wrote: Hmmmm and this is why things are going wrong in the country because the people that made the law doesn’t obey the law come to UAE and believe by yourself what law is all about both the rich and the poor


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