Mercy Johnson Gives AY Comedian A Reason To Born More As He Cries Over How She’s Oppressing Him.


Actress Mercy Johnson seems to have given AY Comedian a reason to give birth to more kids as he cries over how she’s oppressing him with her family in this funny video.

Mercy Johnson tried her best to get her whole family on this video as she performs the rendition of a song by Celine Dion and almost every single one of them understood the assignment which made the video very beautiful and lovely to watch.

AY Comedian after watching the video said he has to give birth to more kids to be able to challenge Mercy Johnson because she’s oppressing him with her beautiful family as he always wants to have more kids like her.

AY Comedian recently welcomed his second child with his wife after 13yrs and this video of Mercy Johnson and her kids seems to have given him a reason to want to give birth to more kids so he can also challenge her.

The video is a very beautiful one but it appears Mercy Johnson has already deleted it for some reason but then fans and colleagues who were able to watch it before she deleted it all fell in love with her rendition of Celine Dion’s song.

screenshot below;


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