Now We Know Why Ozo Wept -Fans React After Nengi Disclosed Her Worst Habit


Social media users have reacted differently after reality star Nengi revealed one of her worst habits.

In the early hours of Tuesday, January 25th, Nengi took to her Instagram story to reveal her worst habit which worries her. According to her, one of her worst habits is farting at the wrong places.

According to the reality star, Nengi, her worst habit is dating. She disclosed that she farts anywhere and anytime not minding who is around or where she finds herself.

According to Nengi, unlike the toilets or washrooms made for easing oneself, farting is different. It does not have a specific space or facilities so she is free to do it anywhere.

Social media users have reacted differently to the disclosure of the reality star.

@haphizpa: It’s actually unhealthy to keep in your fart so let it go baby girl 😂😂

@tarriqqq: Now we know why Ozo wept

@janeblinky: Same here 😂 mess no get toilet they said 😂

@etta: 😹😹😹I don’t know but I find it disgusting when a guy farts close to me…my crush precisely

@nneka: Abi oo nature calling. Everybody Dey mess.

@veeyoni: I can’t even tag my hubby, he needs to know mess no get toilet. If I mess, my hubby will keep me malice for 5hrs like say mess get toilet. 😂

@kunta: I can imagine what her fellow housemates went through. Mostly Laycon . No wonder after the show, they admitted all of them in the hospital. Nengi nearly use mess kill them


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