Don’t Pray To Have Everything You See On Social Media – OAP Dotun Advises


OAP Dotun has advised those who have been praying to God to have a perfect life like some people show on social media to stop praying to have everything they see on social media.

Most people are so quick to claim anything good they see on social media praying to God to have exactly that and OAP Dotun has advised against that saying we shouldn’t pray to have everything we see on social media.

According to him, most times, what it seems like is not what it is in real-life therefore ask God for your own desires and not what He gave Mr. and Mrs. X as you have to choose your life and set your own goal first.

Adding that it might be better for you than the person you are looking up to if you set your own goals first and ask God for your own desires and not what He has given the person or people you are looking up to.

OAP Dotun is right, we all are not perfect and not what you see on social media is the same in real life hence why don’t you pray to God for your own desires to build your own life in a better way than praying to have what He has given someone you’re looking up to.

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