I Wish Africans Are Under One States- Burna Boy


Burna Boy in a recent interview with Cable News Network (CNN), said he wishes the ideologies of the freedom fighters such as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī in getting a United Africa could come into fruition.

The Grammy award-winning Nigeran star equally added that on the same tangent all Africans to use one currency and have the same passport.

The ‘Twice As Tall’ album creator suggested the first step is getting all 52 countries on the continent to use a single passport for international travels.

He said; “It cannot be achieved by the way it’s been going, we’ve been falling for a long time so why not try something new?

“It’s just a wish, maybe a farfetched wish. I wish we had one passport which would make it easier for Africans to travel outside the continent. I wish we could be considered as the United States, like the way America is … (Let’s say) me and you want to go to Spain or wherever on a commercial flight — let’s see who gets in first.”

When asked who should be on the currency of this “United Africa,” Burna said; “On the currency should be people who have had these ideas for generations, who have died with these ideas and have been killed for these ideas. People like Moammar Gadhafi [former leader of Libya who was overthrown and assassinated in 2011] whose everything was about uniting Africa and having one currency, backed by gold.”


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