Toyin Abraham Puts Those Degrading Her Husband Claiming She Bought The New Car For Him In Their Place


Actress Toyin Abraham has put those degrading her husband’s hard work saying she’s the one taking care of him in their place asking them to put a stop to that because he owns every single thing he has.

Toyin Abraham’s husband bought himself a new car yesterday as a birthday gift and some netizens reacting to that concluded that his wife bought the car for him applauding her for doing a good job with taking care of her husband.

Knowing very well that none of that is true, Toyin Abraham has taken to social media to make things right and put those mocking her husband in their place telling them that he owns every single thing he has in his life.

According to her, the fact that she’s more famous than her husband doesn’t mean she’s richer than him because he’s someone who works really well and takes very good care of his family as well as owns every single thing he has.

Toyin Abraham then stated that she’s the last born in her family and the famous one too, does that means she’s richer than her other siblings are way richer than her in real life, adding that the fact that someone decided to keep things on the low doesn’t mean they aren’t working.

Adding that they should celebrate people without trying to pitch them against another person ridicule their hard work or give credit to another person because it’s so old and needs to stop.

Screenshot below;


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