Mummy G.O Church Members Twerk Wild In Chruch Room -VIDEO


Some church members of popular Nigerian female evangelist Mummy G.O known in real life as Fummilayo Adebayo has been captured on camera performing a strange dance.

The female pastor Mummy G.O has been trending on social media for days after excerpts of her preaching popped up on social media.

Mummy G.O has made a lot of assertions about how a person can make it to heaven and escape hell. She used herself as an example in a lot of her preaching which made her go viral.

In one of her latest assertions, Mummy G.O told her congregation that saying “Hello” while making a call is a sign that a person would go to hell. According to her, “hello” is a demonic word that drives people who say it to hellfire.

In a new video that has popped up online, some female church members of Mummy G.O were seen dancing and twerking while the instruments were being played.


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