Chris Adah Shares Why The Youths Are The Problem Of Nigeria


Reality Star Chris Adah has blamed Nigerian youths as the problem of Nigeria as they criticize the same youths they have been calling to take over leadership in the country.

Some Nigerians have been calling on the youths to venture into politics and make things right and some few people have made their interest to run office known but they are criticized by their fellow youths.

Chris Adah reacting to that said they have been clamoring for youth takeover but all the youths making their intentions known are being criticized by their fellow youths and this shows that they don’t have any love among themselves.

According to her, Nigeria is an impossible country because the problem is right in front of them which is the youths themselves but they will always shift the blame to someone else or something else forgetting that they are the cause of their own problem.

Chris Adah is right to blame the youths for being the course of Nigeria’s problem since they don’t want to give their support to those willing to set things right nor are they themselves willing to work and make things better in the country as they want.

Screenshot below;


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