Remember The Lady Who Acted Nigerian Movie ‘Karishika’, See How Transformed She Looks After 26 Years


One of the most popular old Nigerian movies that went viral was “Karishika”. Anyone born in the 90s will do we to remember the horror movie that made a lot of people restless.

Karishika is a Nigerian horror movie that was premiered in 1996 with a strange theme song that scared a lot of children and some elderly people.

The storyline of Karishika was about how the demonic agent of Lucifer sent one of his agents called Karishika to the earth to lure the people of God into the kingdom of darkness. The movie also shows some of the ways demonic agents operate in the dark world and how they influence people.

It also shows how the devil operates by turning the hearts of men from the Lord and goodness into his kingdom and imprisoning their souls. The main place of the target were the church, workplaces, and places where churchgoers who ain’t strong Christians can be trapped.

The lead actress who played the part in the movie “Karishika” is called Becky Ngozi Okorie. She is currently married to an American in the United States of America with a child.



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