Ka3na Declares Herself Single – Where Is Her White Husband Mr. Jones


BBNaija reality show star Ka3na has declared herself single for some reason and the question that comes to mind is where her white husband Mr. Jones is because we know her to be married.

Ka3na has been married to Mr. Jones for a while now with a daughter and they recently celebrated their wedding anniversary where she was excited about being with him and all that but today has got us all confused with her post.

She posted saying that she’s Miss Ka3na and not searching and that raise the question of what happened to her marriage and where her husband is for her to be referring to herself as Miss Ka3na and not Mrs. as the married woman she is.

The only instance that Ka3na can use Miss is only when her marriage to her white husband crash and she hasn’t said anything about such or her post is an indirect announcement that her marriage has crash for some reasons.

Knowing how Ka3na can talk and say a lot of things, some people believe she’s just saying it for clout but others are of the view that she changing her tittle only means that her marriage has crashed and until she say something about that we all will keep assuming.

Screenshot below;


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