“If You Get To Heaven And You Don’t Find Me There, You Have Gone To Hell”-Pastor Makes Boastful Claims


A man of God has boldly informed his church members on social media that he has already earned his place in Heaven, hence should the end time happen and people do not see him in Heaven, it might probably be because they are in Hell and not Heaven.

Heaven is a religious mythological or transcendent supernatural location where creatures such as gods, angels, souls, saints, or cherished ancestors are thought to be born, enthroned, or reside.

On the other hand, Hell is a place in the afterlife where evil souls are punished for all eternity, usually by pain. Hells are generally shown as perpetual destinations in religions with a narrative divine history, such as Christianity and Islam, but religions that believe in reincarnation depict a hell as a transitional time between incarnations, as is the case of dharmic religions.

In the Christian religion, Christians believe in both Heaven and Hell as the spiritual realms believers and non-believers would spend eternity.

A video sighted on IG captures the moment a man of God boldly stated that should anyone not see him in Heaven, then probably the person was directed to Hell because he has earned his place in Heaven.


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