At 36, I’m Not Yet Married But The Worse Thing Is, I’m In Love With My Little Brother – Lady Says


I didn’t have the grades to go to school, so let’s just say I’m illiterate, but is that the problem?don’t believe so because I have acquaintances who, like myself, are illiterates but are still married. I’m still with my uncle at this point in my life; he was the one who raised me

when I was a child and didn’t know my own parents. I’m with Sаmuel biyáté, my younger brother, and Uncle Séverin biyáté.

My concern is that I’ve been feeling something for Sаmuel for a year now, and that feeling isn’t going away; I rеally lоve him. I have no idea what’s going on; I can’t seem to feel anything for


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