Kaffy Says She Is Not Fit To Give Marriage Advice Because Hers Failed


K affy’s marriage has been ended for “nearly a year already”, she recently announced her divorce.

“It took a little over three years,” the dancer said of her road to healing and clarity. She said, “Before she left the marriage over a year ago, I started mending from the inside.”

She said that the marriage lessons she’s sharing now aren’t meant to incite hatred, but rather to help others learn from her mistakes.

She responded to individuals who told her she wasn’t equipped to give marital counsel because hers failed in a video posted to her page.

People flock to an ex-church convict’s when he starts talking about God and giving lessons from his past life as a criminal, but they tell a divorcee she can’t give marital advise based on the lessons she learned from her failed marriage, she said.

Kaffy stated that she is speaking to educate people about the pitfalls to avoid before entering into marriages and to help individuals become better people so that they can have better marriages.

In response to people who claim that divorce will have a bad impact on children, Kaffy stated that children are sometimes better off when their parents are divorced than if they are reared in a toxic environment.

“I’m a product of a divorce and my parents are not what we call qualified in terms of standard to be raising children with the kind of lifestyle that they were living,” she said.

She added: “I was living in a home where as father dey carry im own, mother dey carry im own. Is that what you call marriage? Is that where a child should be raised?”

Some people may view infidelity as unimportant, claiming that men will always cheat and that women should accept it as long as the male provides.

She made it plain that this is not an ideal situation and that it should not be considered the norm.

“There are good men out there who are faithful,” she said.


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