Why I Grew Up Hating My Mum — Actress Dorcas Shola-Fapson


Actress Dorcas Shola Fapson has revealed that she grew up hating her mum and her reasons are valid from her experience.

Dorcas Fapson during an interview was asked to share her relationship with her parents and she disclosed that she is very close to her father than her mum.

According to her, when she was 2 years old, her parents relocated to the UK but due to lack of proper documents, her mother was deported to Nigeria so she and her siblings lived with their father all their years.

She said because she didn’t know what deportation was, she thought her mum had dumped them to live in Nigeria but now that she is matured, she understands.

Check out some reactions from Nigerians to her narration below;

presaki wrote; “When you are so desperate to be known and you don’t have any creative ideas, this is what it comes to telling the world what you could just keep to yourself and your family..

cookbookkitchen wrote; “That’s bad of him. She was deported not like she left . Growing up Nigerian our parents manage to screw us up one way or the other Sha especially once they divorce or separate😢”

girllikeanangel wrote; “Stop adding children to adult wars. He’s a bad father for that. They didn’t deserve it!!”

petplusvets wrote; “He was hurt báwo? Na she deport herself? Why would you tell kids their mum didn’t love them simply because she got deported? Abi na me no understand this interview? 🤔 🤔 🤔”

chichifernando wrote; “But saying your mum got deported is healthier and safer than saying she left and never cared for you.”


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