Sandra Iheuwa’s Estranged Husband Steve Thompson Apologizes For His Outburst After She Added His Name


Sandra Iheuwa’s estranged husband Steve Thompson has apologized for his outburst about their marriage falling into pieces after she added his name back on her bio on IG.

Sandra Iheuwa during the heated time where her estranged husband Steve Thompson was telling the world their marriage can’t work out because she’s always on social media took out his name from her bio but then added it once again.

Steve Thompson who is currently in France for some fresh air after bursting out like that has apologized for how far he went as he now realized he’s wrong after going out for some fresh air in France peppering fans the same way his wife was doing.

One thing Steve Thompson said that is stuck in the minds of most people is the fact that Sandra Iheuwa is always on social media and everything she does is about social media but now he’s the one on social media rather sharing how his fresh air in France is going.

He then warned that anyone who comments wrongly on his page will be blocked making it seem like these netizens are being scared of being blocked from him but that isn’t the case since they always speak what’s on their mind.

Kindly pardon my outburst on Sunday here on Instagram, some bloggers were writing nonsense about my person ,

Alot will be worked on , being a better person is the best thing that can happen to anyone, all will be well ,


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