It Doesn’t Make Sense To Force Someone To Have As Baby As A Moral Punishment – Cherry Entafield Says


Rapper Cherry Entafield has disclosed that it doesn’t make sense for her to force someone to have a child as a moral punishment for having unprotected knacking.

Rapper Cherry has called for the legalization of abortion and to confirm her stance on this, she said it doesn’t make any sense to her to force someone to have a child because she knacked herself without protection and that’s the way to punish her.

According to her, she still stands on what she said about legalizing abortion if the actual purpose is to save a life because it doesn’t make sense to force someone to have a baby as a moral punishment for knacking without protection.

Taking it from Cherry Entafield’s point of view, it will reduce the rate at which young girls are dying while trying to abort a pregnancy just to prevent being forced to have the child or the stigmatization of the society they are in.

There needs to be a lot of education on this issue of unprotected knacking that leads to unwanted pregnancies which some people try to abort and end up dying in the process without accessing professional advice.

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