James Brown Gushing Over His New Love Who Has Been Spoiling Him As He Shades Bobrisky


Crossdresser James Brown is just gushing over his new love who is spoiling him with all sorts of things as he shades Bobrisky saying he can’t believe he has a date now.

Bobrisky has been the one showing how lavishly he’s been living claiming that his boo has been spoiling him and now James Brown has joined the gang as he gushes over his new love who seems to be so much in love with him.

James Brown shared a video of the kinds of food his new love sent to him in a hotel room just to apologize for not making it expressing how happy he is to have met his new boo who is spoiling him beyond his imagination.

Some people believe it’s all fake and James Brown is just sharing that to tease other crossdressers especially Bobrisky but knowing James Brown, he won’t go to that extent to do that as he’s one of the real crossdressers who say things as it is.

It’s a good thing to find love but then having a man as a lover in Nigeria is very dangerous and James Brown knows this, hence the probability that he’s just joking with it or his boo is a woman who is spoiling him is very high.


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