Nigerian Businessmogul Arraigned Over The Death Of American Model Tyger Booty


A Nigerian businessman identified as Bright Udiagbe alias Big Slim has been arraigned by the Ghana Police over the death of x-rated American model Tyger Booty.

According to reports from Ghana News Agency, the x-rated American model was invited to Ghana by a Nigerian businessman Bright Udiagbe who owns a hotel, restaurant, and nightclubs in both Nigeria and Ghana.

 Chief Inspector Lawrence Anane, at the Kaneshie District Court who is leading the prosecution, disclosed that the Nigerian businessman is currently facing trial for the death of Julie Diane Williams.

Reports from the prosecution say the businessman and model Tyger Booty met in 2017 where he asked her and other stripers to come work for him. However, due to the spread of CODI-19, Bright could not invite Tyger Booty to work for him but invited her in November 2021 to come work for him in his club as a stripper.

The report says that Bright invited Tyger Booty to come to meet him in Ghana to help him open his newly acquired lounge after working in his club in Nigeria for a week. On the 3rd of December, 2021, the decease is reportedly arrived in Ghana from Nigeria where she tested positive for COVID-19 and was kept in isolation in Ave Maria.

On the 6th of December, the deceased was reportedly tested negative for covid-19 and was picked up by businessman Bright at the isolation center.

The deceased was then found lifeless on the bed by the hotel staff who then reported the case to the police. Big Slim is facing trial with four others identified as – Susan Azor, a trader, Gideon Kwaofio, a Receptionist, George Ntsor, a Gardener, and Odoi Laryea.

They have since been granted a GH₵100,000 bail with two sureties each by the court after their arrest.


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