“Nobody Signed Me, I Signed Myself” – Portable Throws Shade


Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Portable, a.k.a. Habeeb Okikiola, has stated that he was not signed by anyone but himself.

He revealed this after settling with his manager, Kogbagidi, over money and contracts after a few days of squabbles.

Portable accused his boss of cheating him in a recent viral video as he questioned his manager about money, car ownership, and contract.

Kogbagidi said, “Do you know how much I have invested in you?”. Portable responded, saying “I gave you $500 and N500,000 two times. You’ve ripped me. You know you’re a ripper.”

This would, therefore, be the second time Portable and his promoter had a fight about money.

Portable has announced in a new video that he has signed himself into the music industry, despite the fact that no one has signed him.

Meanwhile, The General Overseer of the Prophet Hill Chapel International, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has boasted pompously about his enormous wealth.

Gaisie propped up his watch during an interview with Kofi Adoma, and  asserted that his ‘Cartier’ watch cost him Ghc 100,000 (1 billion old cedis).

The cleric was pleased to show off his material possessions.

The video of him boasting about acquiring such a valuable, material possession, which Jesus condemned, has gone viral, but not because of Gaisie’s hypocrisy.
Because he goofed at the right pronounciation of the name of the watch he was carrying, the video is going viral.

Gaisie mangled the word “Cartier” and dubbed it “Kat33.”

Gaisie, desperate to boast about his watch, repeated the ‘Kat33’ pronunciation roughly ten times in a few seconds to impress Kofi Adoma with the high-end watch he carried.


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