‘Another Mummy G.O Loading’ – Fans React As Mercy Eke Reveals She Wants To Turn To Preacher


Mercy Eke has caused a stir on social media after she revealed that she is transforming into a new person in the year 2022.

On Saturday, the controversial reality TV star said this on her Snapchat story. Mercy Eke stated that she had not used alcohol or engaged in any wrongdoing in the previous eight days.

She also claimed to have witnessed a dream in which she was preaching and winning souls.

She wrote: “Day 8: No alcohol, no lies, no sin, no party. God, I need more strength to keep going but outside is already calling my name.

I want to be different this year. I had a dream where I was winning souls for God(I was preaching and healing people)”

Fans were taken aback by her resolutions, citing her controversial nature and colorful lifestyle as reasons. Others say she was simply following the Mummy G.O trend.

In an Instagram post, Ikeduba emphasized that, contrary to popular belief, movies can genuinely result in hellfire, particularly scenes involving shooting, cultism, or violent robbery.

However, he remarked that while his caution may sound like it’s a rip-off of Mummy G.O’s famed Hellfire messages, his statement stays the same.

He said;

“If you are a Nollywood actor and you are known for action movies in Nollywood you dey play bad boy, Nollywood bad boy, you dey play cult, you be thief, u dey shoot people up and down for inside Nollywood movie you are going to hell fire

“Nobody tell me na wetin I know, you are going to hell fire If you like call me mummy G.O. husband or mummy G.O son I don talk my own…anybody wey dey play bad boy for Nollywood movie you are going to hell fire”


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