After Sharing A Topless Photo Some Days Ago, Jane Mena Stormed Social Media With Another Controversial Post


Controversial Nigerian socialite, Jane Mena has once again stormed social media with a controversial post.

The socialite who is well-known to be a twerker shared this post on her verified social media post on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

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Making ….., she wrote;

“@thefreshcookielab once said “Baby pleaseeeeeeeee Take Good care of your pretty coochie before you buy that Purse😞””

In an earlier post, she took to social media to educate her fellow ladies. Her education was about how ladies can identify men who are marriageable and per what we saw, her education was a bit controversial.

According to her, any man who c*ms and still has his manh00d standing after intercourse is marriage material and she advised ladies never to waste time in marrying such a man.

….. she made reads;

“If he c*ms and it’s still standing, my sister please marry Him, them never too use am☺️”


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