Why You Should Reconsider Sending Men On Errands — Actress Miriam Peters


Nigerian Media personality and actress, Miriam Peters holds the view that men should never be sent on errands.

The Graduate of Ahmadu Bello University intimated in a tweet that anyone who decides to send men on errands must always ensure that they have their phones besides them.

According the script-interpreter, men will eventually blow it up.

She said; “Send a man to buy stuff and stay by your phone cause they will blow it up, “there’s no big one o, should I buy the small one?”, “check I sent a picture, is it the one?”, “they said N1500 is that the price?”. It is endless, I’m calling you on video, cause me I don’t understand”

Her tweet drew varied responses from Nigerians on Instagram.

sandykayc wrote; “As in ehn😂😂😂😂 10 missed calls because he wants to tell you “they don’t have the small one, should I buy the big one”😂😂”

unifiedwale; “Na because una no dey satisfy with whatever we buy.. won ti gba yii, e mo oja na bla bla bla.. Na God go judge all of you😂😂😂😂😂”

sirtajaja: “Be prepared for an incomplete delivery if you send me to the market without writing down what you want and the estimated price.”

In other news, popular Nigerian model, Adetutu Alabi has placed her two cents on marriage as she recounts her experience in a recent post on social media.

Sighted on her Facebook page, Adetutu OJ as she is affectionately called revealed that she walked out of marriage after two weeks of engagement with her husband.

According to the tribal mark photo model, she made that due to how disappointed she was in marriage. She remarked that marriage is not for her and she is content with the two kids she has already being a baby mama.


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