Real Men Wash Plate – OAP Moët Abebe Says As She Gives Illustrations


Nigerian On-Air personality, Moet Abebe has sparked massive reactions on social media after highlighting a quality about real men.

Taking to her Instagram story, Moet Abebe averred that real men wash plate and she made this assertion using two different pictures to illustrate what she meant.

One picture gave a literal and technical illustration of a real man as the picture depicted a man washing bowls and plates in the kitchen and other picture depicted a man giving his woman head.

Nigerians reacted differently to her statement but a majority concurred in her submission and they highlighted more qualities of a man in this regard.

Reacting to her statement, a user identified as viksignature wrote; “depending the plate you want them to wash because most men prefer the other plate to the other plate 😂

iphieonyii wrote; “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s just a house chore so washing plate or not does not define a real man and it all depends on which plate you are even talking about”

@brunoiyk wrote: “Real men eat flesh… & also do em washing and settings if you know you know #KingsMen 💎💎💎”

In other news, popular Nigerian model, Adetutu OJ has revealed that she walked out of marriage after two weeks of engagement with her husband.

According to the tribal mark photo model, she made that due to how disappointed she was in marriage. She remarked that marriage is not for her and she is content with the two kids she has already being a baby mama.


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