Timi Dakolo Shares Cryptic Post After Pastor Fatoyinbo Was Called Out Over The Death Of A Member


Timi Dakolo has shared a cryptic post about how truth always comes out no matter how hard your try to hide it after pastor Fatoyinbo was called out over the death of a member.

Timi Dakolo some time ago called out the COZA pastor Fatoyinbo but some people felt he was wrong to have done that and now has been called out by a former chorister of his church over the death of a church member.

Timi Dakolo after this allegation went viral has shared a cryptic post saying he has been telling us all but we were calling him all kinds of names and just because we are having a hard time believing the truth doesn’t make it a lie as we made it seem.

According to him, the truth is the truth, and if you like break it down, drown it, cover it, blend it, or even paint it the thing is the truth will always be the truth and it will survive all you did to make it go as victory is truth realized.

Almost everyone believes Timi Dakolo’s post has to do with the accusation against the COZA pastor especially after he was labeled a liar when he also shared his experience with the pastor saying no one helps God to fight his battles.

Dem no Dey help God fight Him battle.

Sometimes Him Dey collect Him victory small small.


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