I Learnt The Art Of Giving And Helping Others From Davido’s Dad – Mr. Macaroni


Nigerian comic actor and content creator, Debo Adebayo better known as Mr. Macaroni has said that he learnt the act of giving from the father of popular artist Davido, Adedeji Adeleke.

In a series of tweets, Mr. Macaroni eulogized Davido’s father and stated that he is a giver and he is one of his great inspirations. He disclosed that he learnt the act of giving from Mr. Deji Adeleke.

Mr. Macaroni recalled how the billionaire businessman bought him his first laptop for him and was there to help him when he needed money as an undergraduate. He disclosed how he abused the access to Mr, Adedeji but he never got angry but instead showed him kindness.

In his words, he said…

If you think Davido is a great giver or is easily accessible, then you need to meet his dad; Dr Deji Adeleke. Dr Adeleke is one of my greatest inspirations. Since the days of SDA Magodo, I learnt the art of giving and helping others from him.

When I first got admission into Uni, Dr Deji Adeleke bought me my first laptop ever. For every time I needed money in school, all it took was for me to send a text message. I abused the access, but he remained kind and generous. God bless you, Chairman. Thank you for everything.

This is why I rarely get upset when it comes to these matters. Through Chairman, I learnt simplicity, humility and above all Love. This and other reasons is why the love in my heart will forever be greater than the hate in the world.


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