Bridget Otoo ‘Dragged’ For Advising That We Should Look On People Who Have Done Something Wrong With Kindness


Bridget Otoo has been dragged over the advice of looking at people who have done something wrong with kindness as she reacts to a post about her.

Bridget Otoo is known to be one of the female celebrities who don’t let things slide so easily an example is how she and Nana Aba treated Bongo Ideas over tweets he made in the past when he presented himself in front of that at a reality show auditioning.

Bridget Otoo in a recent tweet advised that we look at people who have done something wrong with kindness and fans reminded her of what she and her colleague Nana Aba did to Bongo Ideas some months ago.

Some people think Bridget Otoo is the last person to be preaching about showing kindness to people who have done something wrong, especially with what happened to Bongo Ideas and how she handles trolls and tweeps who try insulting her.

But then we have to go by the saying that ‘look at the message and not the messenger’ because if we look at the messenger, at the end of it all we might ignore the message which would have played a very important role in our lives.

post below;

“Let’s learn to look on people who have done something wrong with kindness”


— #BeeDay (@Bridget_Otoo) January 3, 2022


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