Fans Of Kizz Daniel Calls Out HotKid For Pilfering His Song


Fans of Kizz Daniel have called out HotKid for stealing/pilfering his song and dropping it as his after listening to his latest song ‘Good Friday’ claiming it’s based on a true life story.

HotKid released the song ‘Good Friday’ and decided to do a little freestyle for his fans on Twitter and fans of Kizz Daniel after listening to it realized it’s the same tune as that of their favorite and have called out HotKid over song theft.

Some fans of Kizz Daniel who weren’t sure were asking if the latest tune of HotKid isn’t the same as a song of their favorite and others confirmed saying he even dropped it as a song claiming it’s based on real life story when he stole the tune without consent.

Artists taking the tunes and lyrics of other artists usually happen in the music scene and they give credit to the originators of it but passing on the intellectual property of someone as yours is a crime and that is what some fans of Kizz Daniel are trying to prove.

They want to let HotKid understand that the tune he happily used for his ‘Good Friday’ song is for their favorite which means he stole it from him but we can’t tell if Kizzz Daniel is aware of this or not as now it’s his fans doing the accusation.


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