Bishop Oyedepo Releases Prophetic Declarations For 2022


Bishop David Oyedepo, President of Living Faith Church Worldwide has declared that limitations would be lifted in 2022, and people who believe in God will not be forced to be hated.

According to Oyedepo, Christians will ride prosperously and in majesty all through the New Year 2022. He declared words of blessing on his congregation as he assured them that the days of mourning are over.

He made his submission at the Church’s crossover night in Canaanland, Ogun State.

Oyedepo: “I believe everyone will be crossing over to new realms.

“You will never require pity from anywhere anymore.

“You will never be seen as a liability anymore

“I see you riding prosperously and in majesty all through the New Year, you are entering into.

“In 2022, whatever can’t stop the way against God can’t stop the way against you.

“The last defeat you saw is the last you will ever know.

“Every limitation on your path clears away for you in 2022.

“You shall not suffer the scourge of stagnation, the scourge of failure.

“No more weeping in your life and household.

“The days of your mourning are over.

“This coming Year 2022, you will manifest full blast as a sign and wonder to your world.

“Every arrow of the wicked that targets your life and family shall be returning 7-fold to their source

“Your days of struggles are over.

“The Year 2022 shall mark the end of your struggles over every issue of life.

“Your days of struggles are finally over!!”


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