Turning A Blind Eye To Your Daughter’s Ill-Gotten Wealth Has Consequence – Sam Nnabuike Tells Mothers


Actor Sam Nnabuike has advised mothers not to turn a blind eye to the ill-gotten wealth of their daughters because there are consequences if they decide not to say a word because of what they get.

Sam Nnabuike sharing his views about how some mothers don’t bother to ask their daughters where they got money to buy expensive things or live lavishly just because they will cut them off has warned them that there are consequences to every action they take.

He posted telling mothers that now that their daughters are back home to the village bearing all kinds of foodstuff and cash gifts worth over N100k but they have never seen them in official attire or even seen a picture of their office space or company yet claim to be working at an oil firm.

According to him, there are physical and spiritual hazards that come with the attitude of turning a blind eye even though they have an ill incline that their daughters are warming men’s bed but they chose to keep quiet over it because they will lose the goodies that come with it.

Sam Nnabuike then asked mothers who turn a blind eye to prepare to dance with the spirits when the hazards of their daughters’ actions start to manifest as they have the choice to question them now and correct things or turn a blind eye and suffer with them.


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