No Man Can Give Me The Type Of Money I’m Looking For – Cindy Okafor Claims


Actress Cindy Okafor has claimed that the type of money that she wants she honestly doesn’t think any man could give her that type of money insinuating that she doesn’t depend on men for money.

Cindy Okafor is trying to let us understand that she’s part of the women who work hard for their own money and not those who depend on men for money because of the type of money she is looking for, she honestly doesn’t think any man can give her that.

According to her, she finds it funny when girls depend or k!ll themselves over a man because of money as she believes she can work and get the kind of money she’s looking for as no man can give her that for her to depend on him.

Depending on a man for money as a woman is like throwing your whole life in his hands and that is very bad not to talk of k!lling each other over a man’s money but we wonder the type of money Cindy Okafor is looking for that no man can give her even if she doesn’t depend on him.

Working and earning your own money as a woman and then taking money from your man at the same time doesn’t mean you’re depending on him but Cindy Okafor seems to be one of those who dislike the idea of taking anything from a man as they see that to be depending on them even if you are earning your own money as well.

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