Mr. Eazi Turns Apostle – Speaks Words Of Encouragement In The Lives Of His Fans


Singer Mr. Eazi has turned into an apostle speaking some words of encouragement and blessing in the lives of his fans and followers telling them every yoke in their life is broken.

Mr. Eazi is not one of the celebrities who always advise and motivate their fans with words as sometimes his words of motivation come in a picture or video form but today has turned into an apostle to encourage his fans and followers.

Just as most pastors or men of God do, Mr. Eazi began by saying he sees someone now battling with some yokes, mental, physical, and spiritual yokes then went on with the words of encouragement saying but he wants to tell them that every yoke in their life is broken from today.

Some people might see ….. of Mr. Eazi as funny because he hardly does that but then it’s a word of encouragement and a blessing to all who claim the blessing of every yoke in their life being broken at the end of ….. with an amen.

I see somebody right now, who has been battling with some yokes, mental & physical & spiritual yokes! But I want to tell you that from today onward, Every Yoke in your life is Broken!!! Say AMEN!! #ApostleEazi


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