Wathoni Encourages Her Colleagues To Be Controversial After Losing A Contract For Not Being Controversial


BBNaija star Wathoni has encouraged her colleagues to be controversial if it brings food to the table after losing an endorsement deal for not being controversial.

Wathoni is one of the coolest ex-housemates who aren’t controversial and always want to be in their lane avoiding these social media dramas but that seems to have cost her a lot and has advised her colleagues to be controversial.

According to Wathoni, she was going to sign another endorsement deal before the year ends but the company/group withdrew it because she isn’t controversial as some of her colleagues and that influenced her advice to her colleagues.

Wathoni encouraged her colleagues to be controversial all the way if it brings food to the table since she has been denied the access to earn money by becoming a brand influencer for a product because she isn’t controversial.

Being controversial varies a lot but based on this post of Wathoni, you are at the liberty to do anything that will keep you in the news almost every day to be able to sign endorsement deals such as the one she lost.

Whatever the said company/brand means by not being controversial is only known to them but we believe the brand Wathoni has built for herself is good enough to become an influencer for any product provided it’s good and she wants to.

screenshot below;


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