My Whole World Crumbled After My Father’s Death – Omoni Oboli Breaks Down In Tears.


Popular actress and filmmaker Omoli Oboli has opened up on the pain she passed through after the demise of her father.

In an interview with Chude on his popular show, Omoni Oboli disclosed how she cope after she saw the lifeless body of her father the late Mattew Ukey at the morgue. She broke down in tears reminiscing the sad experience at the morgue.

Breaking down in tears, Omoni Oboli said, “… And months after that, my dad passed and it was like my world just literally crumbled. It crumbled.

“So I made arrangements to go, the next day I flew into Benin, drove there.  So of course I went to see him at the morgue and… have you ever seen a dead body?  You just know,  you just know that they’re no more there. Because it’s so empty, it’s a shell.

“I saw my dad, I saw my mom, and you just know that the person that you know and love are gone and that is just a shell. And then I looked at him (my dad’s nickname is ‘Mobility’ because he’s the life of the party) and said, ‘Mobility how could you do this to me?’.

“I just kept thinking, what am I going to do?  How am I ever going to get back from this?   How am I ever going to get back from this?”


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