Mr. Jollof Shares What You Goal Must Be As An Individual In Your 30s


Comedian Mr. Jollof has claimed that when you are in your 30s, your goal is to be a billionaire at 40 something that usually doesn’t happen no matter how hard you work.

Mr. Jollof based on his own analysis concluded that when you are in your 30s it should be your goal to become a billionaire at 40 forgetting the fact that not everyone will be privileged to become a billionaire no matter how hard the person work.

This might be the goal of Mr. Jollof which he might be able to attain but making it generally makes it seem that you have to make becoming a billionaire at 40 your ultimate goal and that might push a lot of people into doing things not right.

Becoming a billionaire is a dream every young person has since no one wants to be poor and be begging people but one thing we have to also understand is that not everyone is blessed to become a billionaire no matter how hard that fellow works.

Therefore, Mr. Jollof’s advice of making being a billionaire your goal at the age of 40 when you’re in your 30s shouldn’t be something that will drive you to do things that you will regret in the future just because you want to be a billionaire at all cost.

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