Juliet Ibrahim Mimics Eucharia Anunobi In Latest Video And She Nailed It


Actress Juliet Ibrahim has nailed it with her looks and action as she mimics Eucharia Anunobi in the latest video she shared and fans love what they see leaving some speechless.

Juliet Ibrahim delivering on the theme of Old Nollywood played it really well as she mimics Eucharia Anunobi with her dressing and how she talks in most of her movies and that left some fans speechless because she nailed it perfectly.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, Ucharia Anunobi inspired her looks for their latest movie Aki and Pawpaw and she decided to act like her in one of her Tik Tok videos which she nailed perfectly leaving most people speechless.

It was also funny watching her behave like Eucharia Anunobi with her dressing as anyone who has watched a movie of Eucharia will surely agree to the fact that Juliet Ibrahim did exactly the task she gave herself and calls on others to join.

As part of promoting the movie Aki and Pawpaw, Juliet Ibrahim has made mimicking Eucharia Anonubi a challenge calling on all her female fans to join the challenge by dressing and behaving like Eucharia in any of her movies.


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