You Are Playing Games With Our Lives’ – Actress Dorcas Shola-Fapson Cries Out After 3 Of Her Family Members Died At Same Gov’t Hospital


Nigerian actress Dorcas Shola Fapson has called out a Government hospital in Nigeria after losing three family members in their hospital.

In recent updates on her Instagram story, Dorcas Fapson averred that having a baby in Nigeria is literally like playing Russian roulette with your life as she bemoaned the many untrained doctors playing guessing games with people’s lives.

According to her, her mum a sibling and her uncle died at LASUTH under the same circumstances and she claimed her uncle died after going there to seek treatment for his toothache.

Dorcas exclaimed that health officials in the sector don’t have compassion and don’t care about the patients and she blamed it our ‘useless’ leaders as she wondered how many people will continue to die unnecessarily.

See screenshot below;

Reacting to her post;

@shayiibabs wrote; `They rush abroad whenever they feel a slight headache and they leave the health sector in their country shattered. Clowns.

@officialboxjoke wrote;; `I believe these hospitals are severely understaffed that’s why they act like they do, cos the pressure to divide themselves into many places is too much on them(not holding brief for them though). Govt, please help my employing more hands. Being a healthcare personnel is a stressful job on its own. So sorry, Dorcas 😢’

@ijjoy wrote; `The health care system here is horrible, if not for anything having a dual citizenship guarantees long life at least u get good health care when u need it. 😢

abujasextoyshop wrote; `Shame to our healthcare sector, we shouldn’t be having high rate maternal mortality in 2021. RIP to the deceased


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