Edo Government Announces Closure Of Secondary School Over Students’ Attack On Teachers And Police Officer


The Edo State Government has declared the closure of Idogbo Secondary School in the state’s Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area indefinitely following students attack on teachers and a police officer.

As previously reported, students vandalized school property and assaulted professors and one of the police officers assigned to enforce law and order as they prepared to take their first semester exams.

Joan Osa-Oviawe, the state’s Commissioner of Education, who announced the school’s closure, postulated that the state government would take strong action to address the crisis in the school as a deterrence.

Oviawe further stated that the government will require the students’ parents to pay damages. Another option is to improve school facilities in order to make learning more favorable for pupils.

The commissioner said;

“We condemn, in strongest terms, what those students did. It is unacceptable. We have zero tolerance for destruction of government property.

“The students and their parents are going to be held accountable for this. Somebody has to pay for the repairs and it will not just be the government.

“So, the school will be shut down and we will regroup and reorganise.

“If you go to the school, what was destroyed will cost a minimum of N30 million, and that is a very conservative estimate.

“Government is not going to start putting money that would have been used for other schools or things. So, all the parents of the students in that school are going to be held responsible.

“We want to strengthen the curriculum and amenities in that school and other schools so that students are gainfully engaged throughout their time in school.

“Sporting activities will also be reintroduced in the school, along with experts in guidance and counseling.

“The fifth pillar of ‘EdoBest’ is value. We want to ensure we bring back value into our system. Discipline is going to be restored in that school and all our schools across the state.”


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