Don Jazzy Replies A Man Who Asked Him To Stop Using Filters Because He Has Outgrown Them


We all know Don Jazzy love trying every new thing that has to do with social media to be able to catch up with the young one and has been using all kinds of filters in his videos and pictures just to put a smile on the faces of his fans.

But it seems this particular man isn’t happy about how Don Jazzy has been using the filters to entertain himself and his fans hence asking him to stop using them because he has outgrown them and moreover he’s a man, not a woman.

Don Jazzy gave him the perfect reply asking him to block him on his Instagram page so that he won’t be able to see him use the filters for him to get angry over it just because he doesn’t like it and thinks he has outgrown it.

Whatever DonJazzy decides to do with his page is his own problem and whether he uses filters or not is his own problem therefore, no one has the right to tell him what to do and he gave this man the perfect reply and solution to his problem.

Most people just love seeing Don Jazzy with those filters because the way he does his facial expression and all that will make you laugh hence the fact that one person doesn’t like it because he thinks he has outgrown them doesn’t mean he needs to stop.

screenshot below;


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