They Hate On Me But Am Good – Burna Boy Shares Cryptic Post


Grammy award winner Burna Boy has made a cryptic post claiming they hate on him but he’s good thanks to God and we are just imagining who he’s referring to.

Burna Boy has issues with a couple of his colleagues but tries his best to stay in his lane until their paths cross one way or the other then he will give it hot to the person whether directly or indirectly in a cryptic message.

He just made another cryptic post claiming they hate on him but he’s good and the question that comes to mind is who exactly he’s referring to or which people is he talking about that they hate on him but thanks to God he’s good.

Burna Boy is not the only person in the music industry that feels like a certain group of people hates on them and he made it clear that he knows they hate on him shows he has a fair idea of the kind of people that hate on him.

The word hate is a strong word that isn’t used for jokes hence Burna Boy must know exactly what he’s talking about to claim that they hate on him and using they mean he knows the people and we wonder who he’s talking about.

Astagfirullah They Hate on me but Alhamdulillah I’m good 🙏🏾


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