When A Man Says He Loves You, Don’t Let That Get Into Your Head – Ani Amatosero Advises Ladies


Actress Ani Amatosero has advised ladies who gets over the moon when a man tells them he loves them not to let that get into their heads as she shares the ups and downs of relationships and how some might end.

Ani Amatosero in one of her Tik Tok videos just for fun advised ladies not to let the words of some men get into their heads especially in relationships because not all relationships end in marriage, listen the advantage of some.

According to Ani Amatosero, some relationships only help you to know how to cry because when you chop breakfast you will cry all your heart out and some are only to show you where there are food joints and hotel as that’s only for the fun of it.

Some other relationships are just to make friends as all the friends and relatives of the guy will be calling you their wife making you think that he’s going to marry you but at the end of it, he will end up marrying someone else.

Therefore, if a man tells you he’s in love with you, don’t let that get into your head since that isn’t a guarantee that the relationship will end in marriage insulting ladies that some are just wearing expensive wigs on empty heads that they easily get sweep off their feet with such words.

Ani Amatosero is right and every lady needs to know this and not allow the sweet words of some men gets into their heads as some relationships are just to strengthen you and make you cry while others make you bond with people very well and teach you other thing.


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