Adaeze Yobo Shares How She Dealt With Her Daughter’s Bully As She Encourages Parents To Teach Their Kids Well


Adaeze Yobo, wife of footballer Joseph Yobo has shared how she dealt with her daughter’s bully as she encourages parents to teach their kids well especially with how to defend themselves from bullies.

Sharing her experience in relation to the unfortunate incident that happened with Sylvester, Adaeze Yobo disclosed that she went to an even with her kids and noticed one guy was hitting the chest of her daughter and she was only complaining about how painful it is and not defending herself.View this post on Instagram

Not wanting to get involved, she sent her first son to go and defend his sister and all he did was warn the guy calmly not to touch his sister again and left but the guys continued hitting the chest of her daughter then she brought in her second son who defended his sister from the bully.

The bully then came to report her second son to her and she warned him never to touch her daughter again if not she will beat him and his mother, then the young boy shouted showing that he knew what he was doing was bad but continued doing it because he could pick on her daughter.

Adaeze Yobo then encouraged parents to be intentional about their kids and teach them how to defend themselves from these bullies because if they don’t, they the bullied turn out to be bullies as well which is really bad and looking at what happened to Sylvester, no parent want that for their kids.

This post of Adaeze Yobo shows that most of these bullies know exactly what they’ve been doing and are also aware that it’s wrong therefore it’s up to parents to teach their kids well not to grow to become bullies and also teach them how to defend themselves from bullies as well.

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