“You Are The Reason I Don’t Smile Much Because You Said I Had An Ugly Smile -Actress Oge Okoye Called Out For Secondary School Bullying


A lady has taken to her Instagram page to call out actress Oge Okoye for bullying her during school time at Holy Rosary College for no good reason.

After the death of Slyvester, a lot of people have come out to share one story or the other explaining how they were bullied by some of their peers in either junior secondary school or senior secondary school.

In a new post, a lady has shared her own ordeal of bully from her seniors and one of the seniors is the popular Nollywood actress Oge Okoye. According to the lady, Oge Okoye bullied her while in secondary school.

She also disclosed how the actress made her scrub the bathrooms in school for no reason. The lady further disclosed that she hardly smiles now because Oge Okoye told her she had an ugly smile hence finds it difficult to smile even after school.

Adding more, she said Oge Okoye told her she looks like a grandmother whenever she puts on a smiling face. She stated that the words the actress used on her traumatized her and prevented her from smiling even after many years after school.


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