`What Happened To Her?- Fans Express Worry For Actress Aduuni Ade Over Her Weight Loss


Nigerians have expressed concern over the current form of Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade as she looked very slim in a video that has emerged online.

Adunni Ade stormed the cinema where her new film, ‘Soole’ was being screened and as a matter of fact, she had lost so much weight and fans can’t keep mute over as they are asking what may be wrong with her.

Others mock her saying she forgot her ‘Bum Bum’ at home.

princess_glass_skin wrote: Looks like her ooo but that’s not her shape what happened???

nnasa98 wrote: She obviously lost weight. It happens

_cashamadupe wrote: She forget her yansh for house ?

amaka__o__amaka wrote: She’s the one oo,ah Wetin happen? she even come stand like old woman

Meanwhile, a dramatic scene played out after a huge snake that looked like a python appeared causing fear and panic in the area. Apparently, the snake has been hiding in the grass until the gardener interrupted its peaceful abode by spraying the lawn in front of a luxurious house.

In a video making rounds online, a civilian dressed in Kaftan pulled out a gun and shot at the snake but he missed the snake. The policeman chickened out after his failed attempt but the sprayer sprayed on the snake, it became weak enabling the gardener to subdue it as he hit its head with a huge stick.


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