Wait Till It Hit You – Ka3na To Those Who Still Doubt Covid-19 Is Real After Testing Positive


BBNaija star Ka3na has asked those who still don’t believe Covid-19 is real to wait till it hit them before the mask up or vaccinate after she and her daughter tested positive when they traveled outside Nigeria.

According to her, they came in contact with a carrier during their flight and less than 24hrs after arrival her entire body system changed and because her daughter Lila couldn’t stay away from her since she had to self isolate she got it and probably her husband as well.

Ka3na added that they are both lucky that they are fully vaccinated and are recovering and getting better asking that we all stay safe out there because Covid-19 is real and those who doubt it should wait till it hit them before they mask up asking those who haven’t vaccinated to take the vaccine when they can.

The Covid-19 virus is still in the system nut some people are still doubting if indeed it’s true or not and until the contract the virus or any of their family members unfortunately die from it, they still doubt it even though a lot of people who have contracted the virus have talked about how bad it is and the fact that you vaccinate doesn’t mean you won’t catch the virus but rather it will boost your immune system so it doesn’t become serious.

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