Police Officers Shoot Teargas Into School As Students Of Babs Fafunwa Secondary School Protested After A Trailer Killed Their Schoolmates


In a video released online, some police officers can be seen firing at a school as pupils from Babs Fafunwa Secondary School protested after a trailer slammed into the school and killed their classmates.

The police officers were already in the area to maintain order, and a man could be heard asking why they have been shooting into a school in the background.

At one point in the footage, security officers can be seen entering the school grounds.

Social media users who chanced upon the video lamented about the poor leadership of the country and begged God to have mercy on them.

See how netizens reacted to the video;

korede_lagos wrote; Until we have good leadership at Federal and State levels, we may continue to experience this madness. The antidote is to vote right come 2023. If we get it wrong again, na another 8 years of this madness

r.rantimi wrote; May we never fall victim..Nigerian should be added to 1000ways to die..been in Nigeria is risky 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

fitila__ wrote; Aren’t they ungun known men bayi, look how forcefully they are matching into a secondary school, with guns. Are they planning to terrorize & traumatized these kids. Even schools ain’t safe again. But these are some people’s father too o.😢 Lord have mercy upon us all. Strange times.

adenike.osobu wrote: 💔. God should kuku cancel this country at once. Because, I don’t understand this gradual killings. You are still sad about the unnecessary death news you received 5 minutes ago. Another 100 death news an hour later. ☹️. Too much sad news every second. These heartaches is too much


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